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  • This page give a rough gauge of the randomimity of a set of data
  • It does this by comparing the frequency of differenr number combinations
  • A truely random string of 1s and 0s will have just as many occourances of 0110 as 1011
  • However if you asked a human to give you n many random numbers, while they might have the same number of 1s and 0s they probably wont have the same number of different combinations of 1s and 0s
  • The slider under Chunk Size controls the length of the combinations that teh program compared the frequency of. i.e. If it is set to 1 it jut counts the number of occourences of the numbers, giving a distribution graph. However if the data is a list of numbers from 1-5 and the Chunk Size is set to 3 it will compare the number of 000s to 001s to 002s ... to 573s ... to 999s
  • The larger the Chunk Size the more accurate the gauging of randomness will be.
  • Enter data in one of two forms: for numbers less than 10 just enter the numbers - dont bother with spaces, commas or anything else. (e.g. 271963...) For numbers 10 or above seperate each number with a comma. (e.g. 44, 126, 77...)