Multi-Hybrid Genetic Crosser

If you dont know what Multi-Hybrid Genetic Crosser means you probably wont have any use for this. Basicly it works out possible genotype for children given the parents genotypes and then the associated probabilities of said genotypes appearing.

Randomness Evaluator

Give this page a string of numbers, and it will tell you things you never knew about them!


The name says it all. At the moment just Cosine and Sine rules.

Sorting (WIP)

Ever wondered what sorting algorithms look like? Never mind, take a look anyway with this.

Speedy Gonzales (WIP)

Test your speed at addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

Chemistry Equasion Formatter (WIP)

At the moment, Makes Equasions look nice. Working towards doing more...

Root Finding Algorithms

Given an equasion with at least one complex root, this program (over a given domain) will graph the number of iterations of the Newton–Raphson are required to get within a certain accuracy of a solution

Pascal's Pyramid

Generate Pascsal's Pyramids of an size! Super useful for trinomial expasion ;) If you want any more try Pascal's Simplex.