One Message

OneMessage is a tool that allows you to send sensitive information without fear of it getting in the wrong hands. It does some encryptionish stuff so when a message is accessed with the correct password it will be deleted permanently, and so can only be viewed exactly Once

Word Finder

As the name suggests, a utility for finding words. Important: just put "."s in place of the words you dont know, or if you want you can use RegEx (don't worry if you dont know what that means though)


A tool that grabs all the pages of your favorite web or out-of-copyright novel (from certain sites) and smushes them together into one big page for easier on-the-go or bulk reading.

Cooking Conversions

Handy dandy little tool that lets you turn ingridients into a convinient form. Even lets you convert between mass and volume in addition to different units. Also allows easy multiplication of recipie quantities.

Bouncing Balls

A page that simply draws anywhere from one to a thousand balls or random size and color. Other aspects of this can be heavaly controled such as the speed they travel, the background color, whether the balls are transparent to a random degree or not, and an option to fullscreen the Bouncing Balls.

Modern Art Generators

A collection of pages, predominently created by accident that occasionaly produce passible images that could be taken as moden art.


A simple utility that simply tells you what the web char codes are for any key you press.


A utility that given a password format estimates how long it would take to check (hack) all passwords of that format.


Pick a random item - any item